Due to many years of experience and the use of the best production management tools, our company has specialized in the optimization of production processes  such as:

- optimization of production flow
- intelligent resource planning
- reduction of technical cost of manufacture
- minimizing inventory
- increase productivity to the number of employees
- reduction of consumption of energy media
- improving customer service and quality
- shortening of total production time
- effective management of maintenance services
- reduction of waste and production waste

The optimization methods we use are a combination of the right methods and tools that guarantee success by matching the specific internal and external conditions of a particular factory or business.





The vast majority of our specialists have started their professional careers on investment projects. Thanks to thair participation in some of the  largest and key projects in Poland and abroad, our team has developed ready-made solutions which with minor modifications allow efficient management of the investment process and shorter lead time.

The scope of our service includes:
- development of a technological concept
- preparation of the development project
- obtaining formal and legal permits
- supervising the work
- participation in technical and technological start-up
- post-investment optimization

We also help in obtaining grants from various structural funds as well as energy certification.




Both in the optimization process as well as the investment process, it is often necessary to carry out dedicated equipment or machinery.

In order to meet the expectations of our Clients, we have our own design department and  implementation facilities, so we can deliver cost-effective and short-term delivery of installation components, dedicated machines, service installations not in the standard offer of other companies.

By combining our excellent team of industry designers, technicians and expertise, we are able to offer solutions tailored to your needs.

In the production of our machines and devices we use the latest numerical machines and leading technologies in the field of mechanics and control automation.




 With the specjalized knowlage of our engineers and technicians in combination with a close cooperation with universities in Poland and abroad , we have been able to develop and implement new and unique solution for our customers .

Our primary R&D focus is wood and wood processing industry . We have for example developed a patented innovative and fully automatic abrasive jet griding system that makes the griding process repeatable , independent of the shape of the grinded object . We have also developed an innovative technology to protect wood from weathering , fungus and bacteria .


You can read more about new technologies in our Newsletter

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