Blasting abrasive wood grinding

Working for the widely of industries ,  we have acquired deep knowlage of processing wood and
wood-based materials . When griding element as well as completely finished wood constructions and furniture , we have repeatedly encountered a problem which is particulary noticable when working on spatial structures where the only solution is hand grinding .

Hand-operated work is slow and poses a serious threat to workers who perform grinding operations due to the preaviling dustiness in process .

Our technology solves the following problems:



Completely dust-free material treatment


  No items can damage your eyesight


  Very low noise emission, no hearing protection is required

  The process is completely automatic  


High and repeatable quality


Any work piece shape


Environmentally friendly


Our patented solution eliminates all of the above. Blusher-abrasive grinding machining allows machining of any shape in repetitive quality and degree of grinding without human involvement.

The degree of complexity of the operation is minimal and requires only a few parameters to be selected for the type of material and the required final surface quality.

The process is fully automatic and does not require any additional support. It is safe and environmentally friendly.







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